Helsinki Savate Open 2018

The Finnish Savate Federation and Savate Club Helsinki welcomes you all to SAVATE HELSINKI OPEN 2018!

This year, the Savate Helsinki Open competition will be organised for the 6th time. All weight categories are included in the open competition.

For the second time, we will arrange an assaut tournament Mika Kalliomaa Challenge in addition to the usual open competition. The Challenge is named after one of the great pioneers of Finnish Savate, Mika Kalliomaa, who sadly was taken away from us far too early.


Savate Club Konala
Ruosilankuja 3, Helsinki


The two-day seminar will take place in the days before the competition.

Wednesday 7.3. 19.30–21.00 Instructor: Annukka Volotinen (Finland)
Thursday 8.3. 18.30–20.00 Instructor: Martin O’Malley (Ireland)


Thursday 8.3. 18.00–18.30
Friday 9.3. 9.00–10.00


Friday 9.3. 11.00–18.00
Saturday 10.3. 10.00–17.00

The Open competition consists of friendly assauts and is open for male and female juniors, seniors and veterans with any level of experience and all weight categories. In the Open competition, no weight category winners will be nominated.

The Challenge is organised in selected weight categories for both women and men. The weight categories are:

56–60 kg
60–70 kg

70–75 kg
75–80 kg

The challenge tournament will be organised according to the FISav rules of international competition. Regulations_Challenge_2018

Details of Savate Helsinki Open 2018

Please fill in the form for each participant: latest 25.2.2018

Savate Club Konala, Ruosilankuja 3, Helsinki

Participation fee: 15€

Unfortunately accommodation and transportation are not provided by event organizer.

The competitors are not insured by the organizer, all competitors are responsible of having an insurance that covers competing in savate.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask: